Workshop Acrobatic vinyasa and asanas:

I have called the workshop ‘Acrobatic vinyasas and asanas’. Why and what do I mean? This will certainly NOT be a workshop about super difficult poses. What do I intend? A workshop to focus on correctly going through the vinyasas. When I walk around in the shala I often see vinyasas being skipped, done half or performed not completely correct. Of course as per capacity of the student!!
I give a few examples (vinyasa text based on Sharath’s book about Primary serie):
1) Utkatasana: Astau 8: Inhale, using only the strenght of the hands, lift up.
2) Virabhadrasana: Ekadasa 11: Inhale, place both hands down beside the front foot, lift the legs up.
3) Bhujapidasana: Sapta 7: Inhale, jump and wrap the legs around the arms. Lock the feet in front of you with the right on top of the left.
In the workshop I have selected around 10 to 14 poses to take a look at. It’s nice to work on perfection of you vinyasas. They can be a gateway to a deeper meditation in your practice????????
Looking forward to see you at Yogaplace Sittars where I will teach the whole week a Ashtanga Summer School.